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Morgan Hill Police arrested two people allegedly in possession of a credit card skimming device and other equipment used to steal personal banking information during a traffic stop on August 23, authorities say. .

At around 8:50 p.m., an MHPD sergeant stopped a vehicle on Condit Road and contacted the driver and passenger, Morgan Hill Police said in a news release. The driver was identified as Marcela Terezia-Pop, 55, and the passenger was identified as Ionut Calciu, 29.

The two subjects presented the sergeant with fake identification, but police determined they were in the United States from Romania, authorities said.

During a search of the vehicle, officers found a credit/debit card skimming device, USB drives, memory cards and numerous gift cards, police said. “The investigation determined that the suspects used the skimming device to access credentials from ATMs or similar machines, then transferred the stolen data to the USB drive and memory cards,” the statement said. Press.

Terezia-Pop and Calciu were arrested and incarcerated in Santa Clara County Jail on suspicion of fabricating identity documents, possessing burglary tools, destroying evidence and conspiracy, police said.

“The Morgan Hill Police Department would like to remind you to be vigilant when at ATMs and gas pumps by performing a brief inspection of the machine and covering your identification number,” the press release reads. .

Morgan Hill Police reported an active credit card skimming device was found at an ATM at Bank of America, 200 Cochrane Plaza. This device, which consisted of a small camera pointing at the ATM keypad, was disabled but no suspects or suspects were immediately identified.

It is not known if the suspects arrested on August 23 were associated with the Cochrane Plaza skimmer.


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