Prone Cushion – Comfort, Reimagined – The comfort device built from the ground up, dedicated to elongated support, will launch on May 3, 2022

Los Angeles, California, May 01, 2022 –(– Comfort Space Co. is thrilled to announce that it will be launching its first ergonomic comfort device, Prone Cushion, on Kickstarter. Prone Cushion is the comfort device built from the ground up, dedicated to elongated support.

“We have so many devices dedicated to each posture. To sit down, we have chairs; to sleep, we have beds and pillows; to walk, we have shoes. What about the supine posture, that is, lying down? asks Yune Joo, the co-creator of Prone Cushion. “We lie down as much as we sit or sleep and yet there are simply no dedicated devices to help us. Also, not only the pandemic that has been around for over 2 years, but also the general trend of working at home, virtual reality, metaverse, etc. has greatly increased our rest time.

Quoting Dr. Anrei Beloveshkin, a research scientist in the health and wellness industries, he continues; “In fact, lying down is a naturally therapeutic posture that ‘promotes the most complete muscle relaxation, stress relief and slower heart rate’, while ‘it causes less than eight times less pressure than when we We lie down a lot every day, however, just like sitting without a chair or sleeping without a bed, lying down without support becomes uncomfortable and creates tension on the shoulders and pressure on the elbows.

“We saw so much potential in the lying posture and to maximize its benefits, we created Prone Cushion designed from the ground up to comfortably support the lying position,” the team explains.

Prone Cushion is a cushion that is placed under the upper body when lying down. “When creating the Prone Cushion, ergonomics was the number 1 priority,” says Jin Kim, co-creator of Prone Cushion. It provides holistic upper body support from as low as the pelvic bones to the neck. Prone Cushion has been modeled after the human body – unlike a simple wedge block, Prone Cushion is designed to perfectly fit the human body, with dedicated ergonomic curves that support each part of the upper body: pelvis, shoulders , neck, belly and spine. “Every curve and contour follows the natural shape of the physique, providing a precise and satisfying fit, providing long-lasting comfort in the most therapeutic posture,” he says.

Along with shapes and curves, Prone Cushion features multi-layered memory foam, made up of different grades of softness, with drilled holes for better airflow. Its charcoal-infused foams help fight germs and pathogens that tend to accumulate on foam products.

“It took almost 3 years to develop Prone Cushion,” explains Xi Huang, the inventor of Prone Cushion. “Making a device that adapts and supports the entire upper body of different shapes and sizes was a challenge, even for our 3D product designers who have created several medically and ergonomically approved products.”

Prone Cushion is not only effective for physical comfort, but also for mental well-being, reminding that “the lying position is a naturally therapeutic posture which” promotes the most complete muscle relaxation, stress relief and a faster heart rate. slow “if properly supported”. Using Prone Cushion can help correct posture, while increasing focus and increasing productivity on what is being done.

It is covered with two layers of fabric: interior in antibacterial white mesh and exterior in suede-textured fabric that gives a soft touch to the skin. Both covers are detachable and machine washable. It is available in three different colors: Sand Beige, Midnight Blue and Luxury Edition with brown color and vegan leather piping.

Prone Cushion is minimalist in design to fit naturally into indoor environments and adds convenience with its lightweight, detachable and washable parts. The practical ease of use of Prone Cushion, added to its ergonomics and comfort, makes it easy to integrate into our daily lifestyle, reflecting the company’s motto, “comfort is a basic human right”.

Official of the Team Prone cushion. hopes to develop the lying position – which has been excluded from professional life – into a widely adopted posture, making it not only limited to rest or cooling, but more variety.

“If it’s a posture we already practice every day, and it’s the most natural and therapeutic posture, why not adopt it and enjoy it? We will naturally feel less tension and fatigue, feeling light and refreshed every day,” the team explains. The future in which the lying posture is widely accepted and the presence of dedicated devices seems convincing. This is how the chair, the bed and all the common appliances of today were invented.

Prone Cushion will go live on on May 3, 2022. For more information and to take advantage of discounted pricing during crowdfunding, please visit their website at:

About Prone Cushion and Comfort Space Co.
With its motto “comfort is a basic human right”, Comfort Space Co. is a startup that strives to solve everyday body pains in a noble way with new devices that weren’t invented. After 3 years of intense research and product development, he launched the first product, Prone Cushion, which helps and supports the prone, unsupported posture despite being common. With Prone Cushion, the team seeks to help people get the most out of the lying posture and have pain-free days.


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