psgr krishnammal college for women: a professor obtains a patent for a device allowing to detect telephones in restricted areas | News from Coimbatore

Coimbatore: An assistant professor at PSGR Krishnammal College for Women has filed a patent for a device to detect the presence of mobile phones in restricted areas such as examination centers.
N Priyadharsini from the Physics Department, which was awarded Intellectual Property India’s patent for “Mobile Bug”, said it can detect both incoming and outgoing calls and short messages sent from phones.
The 39-year-old inventor had developed the device in 2012. “It was used in an exam hall to find out if students were using phones. After filing a patent, I received the certificate on March 1,” she told TOI.
Mobile Bug beeps when an outgoing or incoming call is detected in the restricted area. “Until the last decade, such devices could detect a mobile phone in an idle state. Mobile Bug can detect phones carrying out active communication in a prohibited area more accurately, reliably and cost-effectively to stop abuse,” she added.
Priyadharsini plans to market his invention by developing a more user-friendly Android version.
There are countless number of phone finders in the market that detect radio transmission from phones, said Cyber ​​Society of India (CSI) President Karthikeyan N. “We can buy such devices in other country for as little as 5,000. They can detect hidden cameras in hotel rooms or dressing rooms in clothing stores. But they cannot detect the direction of transmission,” he said.
Meanwhile, Priyadharsini said she will try to integrate the direction finding feature into the device.

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