PU and PGIMER Faculty Obtain Patent for Oral Health Education Device for the Visually Impaired


Representatives of Panjab University said on Thursday that professors at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) and the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) had obtained a patent for a educational oral health device for visually impaired children.

The device, coupled with providing oral health education to visually impaired children in different languages ​​on touch sensing, was created by a team consisting of Naveen Aggarwal, Manoj Kumar Sharma, Parminder Singh of UIET, PU , and Manoj Kumar Jaiswal, Ashima Goyal of PGIMER .

“Educating visually impaired children about oral care can be a difficult task for pediatric dentists because they cannot visualize different dental conditions. To overcome this challenge and provide visually impaired children with an equal opportunity for oral care, the team considered this device,” the university said in an official statement.

The apparatus includes a dental model having diseased and healthy teeth, inflamed and healthy gum tissue, a sensor associated with the teeth and gum tissue of the dental model, and a controller in communication with the sensor.

“The control unit includes a memory to store educational information related to the dental model and when a visually impaired person touches the dental model, the sensor sends a signal to the control unit which retrieves the relevant information from the memory and send to an exit unit for announcement,” university officials said, adding that a visually impaired person receives training in oral health by touching and listening to different healthy and diseased teeth and gum tissue in the model. dental.

Admissions for Vacant EWS Seats in Chandigarh Private Schools from April 9


Eligible children who wish to apply for admission to a private school in the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category, wherever vacant, can do so online via a Google Form from April 9-13, according to a notification from the education department. Forms will be available at www.chdeducation.gov.in. The registration form received by April 13 will be sent to the relevant school and parents can contact that school from April 21 to 23 to check the admission status. Parents can contact the Deputy District Education Officer any business day if they have any questions. There are a number of vacancies in the EWS category at different private schools without city aid.

Fancy numbers: open call for tenders for the “CH01-CJ” series


Bidding for the electronic auction of registration numbers under the new series “CH01-CJ” will be open until 5 p.m. on April 13. There are some fancy/special registration numbers left from previous series “CH01-CH”, “CH01-CG”, “CH01-CF”, “CH01-CE”, “CH01-CD”, “CH01-CC”, ” CH01-CB”, “CH01-CA”, “CH01-BZ”, “CH01-BY”, “CH01-BX”, “CH01-BW”, “CH01-BV”, “CH01-BU”, “CH01- BT” and “CH01-BS” are also available. Vehicle owners can register at: https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/fancy. The link is also available at www.chdtransport.gov.in.

World Health Day Workshop in PU


MBA students in hospital and pharmaceutical management from the University Institute of Applied Management Sciences organized an exhibition workshop on Thursday on the occasion of World Health Day. Ojas Super Specialty Hospital Chairman of Cardiac Sciences, Anurag Sharma, the guest of honor, highlighted the concept of holistic health, which emphasizes mental and social dimensions.

Nukkad natak on healthy eating


PU Public Health Center presented a nukkad natak on the importance of healthy eating at the student center. The students also demonstrated physiotherapy techniques for people with office jobs. More than 20 prizes were awarded to the winners of the quiz competition organized by the center


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