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AUSTIN, TX, November 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — H Robotics, a fast-growing robot manufacturing company specializing in advanced rehabilitation solutions, has announced a new partnership. Their FDA-registered physical therapy device rebless™ (lowercase ‘r’) is now offered by popular online medical device distributor Rehabmart, and is available on their website,

The rebless device can be found in the Continuous passive motion machines subcategory on the Rehabmart site, which is under the Rehabilitation and physiotherapy master category. is marketed exclusively to care organizations and operations, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, urgent care clinics, school systems, and veterans health centers.

Surprisingly, although the device has only been on the Rehabmart site for two weeks, it is already the #1 bestseller in its category.

The rebless™ rehabilitation device is unique for its versatile reach. It can be used for the upper and lower limbs, providing movement to the elbow, wrist, ankle and knee joints. With many modes of operation, rebless™ allows for passive, active, active-assisted and resistance training, as well as range of motion measurement, so therapy can be personalized based on condition and conditions. progress of each patient. The device treats both neurological and orthopedic conditions.

In addition to its wide range of uses, rebless™ has another distinct advantage: its price is considerably lower than that of competing equipment. It is also approved for personal household use; the rebless clinical app allows providers to view patient data and deliver consultations from anywhere.

Andrew Changhead of the US business, said, “We believe that quality rehabilitation should be affordable and accessible to everyone, and that’s what rebless provides. We’re excited that more patients in need of physical rehabilitation can find and use this innovative and versatile appliance thanks to our new partnership with Rehabmart.”

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About H Robotics

Created in 2018 and located at Austin, TX, H Robotics is one of the fastest growing robotics companies, developing, manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge rehabilitation solutions for people with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. These solutions include medical robots and data-driven telemedicine offerings.


Led by a team of healthcare professionals, Rehabmart is a leading provider of medical supplies, rehabilitation products and healthcare technologies. Their website,, offers state-of-the-art rehabilitation devices from over 500 manufacturers and suppliers.

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