Samsung creates a mouse that keeps people from overworking themselves


The Korean tech giant, Samsung, has created something that will be useful for people who work too much.

Samsung’s new mouse:

According to reports and sources doing the rounds on social media and the internet, it is said that Samsung has created and engineered a mouse that will keep people from overworking themselves all day and night. The mouse, known as the Samsung Balance Mouse, will start leaking from the desk if it detects that the person using it is overworking.

At the moment, it’s a concept-based mouse created by Samsung in conjunction with an advertising agency. The mouse which is currently not available for sale actually looks and acts like a real mouse.

The purpose of this mouse:

There was a video circulating on social media and the internet, which was posted by Samsung’s Korean YouTube channel. The main focus of this mouse is the distinctive design and its functionality which enables the user to improve their work-life balance in Korea.

Samsung, in its YouTube video, said that many office workers hesitate whenever they want to request time off from work. Some office workers are always under pressure to complete their work on time. Most of the time, they are overloaded with extra work, which forces them to spend hours and hours at their desks.

How does this mouse work?

The company’s video says it designed and created the device to solve the problem of overworked office workers. Samsung said in its video: “When you work overtime, this innovative product reveals its true characteristics. It detects hand movements and when the opportunity arises, the wheels pop out of the mouse and run away.

According to a YouTube video, the mouse will move quickly to let someone even grab it. No one can catch it once it takes off. If someone tries to grab it, the middle part of the mouse pops out.

The Korean giant says it wants its employees to enjoy their life after work by getting the Balance mouse from Samsung.

People who like this concept and can’t wait to buy this mouse should wait for this product to be official. Once the final product is released, you will be able to purchase and enjoy it.


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