Samsung’s latest Good Lock module lets you send files to any device


“DropShip” should make it easier to share files on every device

Samsung good lock is an essential app for almost all Galaxy smartphone owners, enabling features that aren’t available by default. We’ve seen the addition of countless Good Lock modules during the last years with the company that usually doses them after the annual update of the One UI software. Samsung is now making another add-on available to Good Lock users in the form of DropShip, a file transfer app that can send files to virtually any device, including Android phones/tablets or iPhones/iPads. , and even your laptop.


It should be pointed out that DropShip is not as fast as some of the existing alternatives such as Samsung’s Quick Share or Sharing near Google for Android and ChromeOS. That’s because it doesn’t use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to make local connections – think of it more like a neater one-stop web transfer store (if you’ve used a service like WeTransfer, this will sound familiar to you). ). Sam-Mobile reports that the service is limited to South Korea at the moment, although we expect it to be more widely available in the coming weeks.

Samsung community forum users have the first word about the availability of DropShip and how it works. File transfers are easy to initiate, requiring the user to select the files they want to send, in which case the app will create a shareable link and QR code that users can access in order to initiate a download. Additionally, users have the option to set a timer for file sharing expiration for security purposes. Along with sending files from your Samsung device, DropShip also lets you access files from various cloud storage services, including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, and more.

Samsung DropShip File and App Picker

Although it was initially thought that DropShip would only work with Samsung devices on One UI 5.0 (Android 13), the forum post author claims that some users got the feature to work with One UI devices as well 4.1. However, compatibility could be limited to high-end Galaxy smartphones and tablets, potentially leaving out Samsung’s long list. economy and mid-range offers.

DropShip has a daily file transfer limit of 5 GB per user who must log in through their Samsung account. The receiver doesn’t require a Samsung account, allowing users to send files to virtually anyone, with some of the caveats we mentioned above. Still, that’s not too shabby for a free file transfer service (unless you count the cost of buying a Samsung phone).


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