Save space on your device with 10TB of Degoo cloud storage for $80


Most of us fall into one of two camps: those who save everything with little or no organization and those who don’t think about saving their work until the unthinkable happens, and we lose some of our most important data. This was an understandable problem back when we didn’t always have a USB stick handy, but with the rise of online storagewe can keep our data backed up and access files from anywhere.

Right now, at StackSocial, you can get lifetime access to 10 TB cloud storage via Degoo Premium for just $80, saving you an additional $20 off the already discounted price when you use our exclusive promo code DEGOO at the register.

Freeing up space on your drive after every big project can be a hassle, and getting to the office to find you left your external storage or USB drive at home can be a nightmare if you have a meeting or presentation. important. This is why investing in a cloud storage service is so convenient. Degoo lets you download everything from images, videos and music to software, files and other data, keeping your information safe with 256-bit AES encryption.

With Degoo, you can access your data through your phone, tablet or web browser. And sharing files securely with friends or colleagues is easy too. Now, one thing to note is that this basic plan has a file size limit of 1 GB, but there are additional features available through in-app purchases, including an upgrade to the file size limit of 50 Go – which might be worth it if you have large files to track. Just keep in mind that these add-ons incur additional costs. Yet whether you’re working from home, in the office, or on the go, you won’t have to worry about losing files just because your hardware fails, and that peace of mind is well worth the investment.

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