SmartCow Introduces AIoT Device Management Platform to Streamline Deployment and Centralized Management of Edge AI Systems


Fleet management software is essential for efficient device management and large-scale AI deployments, whether for retailers building smart stores or hospitals using AI to improve patient care and workflow. administrative work. Fleets of IoT devices must be able to operate unattended with the ability to be reprogrammed with newer versions of device kernels or security updates. Instead of allocating unnecessary resources to reprogram these devices with new software updates, FleetTrackr comes with its own Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) feature that allows users to provision, manage, maintain, monitor and update thousands of devices, completely over-the-air. FleetTrackr’s 24/7 remote management includes built-in security and privacy and offers a 30% reduction in maintenance, time and labor costs.

“A large number of heterogeneous devices forming an IoT network should be able to operate unattended at all times and reprogramming a group of devices is a difficult task when it cannot be done remotely. FleetTrackr allows administrators to update all devices on a desired network with new software without spending weeks planning and executing deployment plans,” continued Kiran. “FleetTrackr allows users to not only identify issues with large fleets of devices, but also perform software updates as well as backup and restore firmware when a device is found to be faulty, which makes the experience seamless, efficient and secure.”

The unified FleetTrackr dashboard

The FleetTrackr Unified Dashboard (UI) allows users and teams to remotely manage tens of thousands of IoT devices that are in the field. The UI dashboard provides solutions for device management, software management, and issue management. Users can upgrade their AI solutions, add or remove apps, update system firmware and software, streamline operations and administrative tasks, and monitor device health metrics distributed over large distances at from a single control panel.

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Key features include:

  • Device lifecycle management to monitor device metrics, status and performance KPIs
  • Inventory management to maintain order status and device inventory
  • Cloud container management to update or restart a container or container fleet with a single click
  • Over-the-air firmware updates to update software, backup and recover data via remote access
  • Predictive maintenance capabilities to detect hardware and software anomalies
  • Problem management to generate tickets, manage teams and schedule maintenance and tasks
  • Out-of-band functionality to remotely send updates to the device and enable firmware backup and recovery whenever a device fails
  • Support for multiple computing environments deploy at the edge, on-premises or in the cloud

FleetTrackr integrates with all of SmartCow’s product lines, including edge nodes, AI cameras, and engineering kits. Users can simply add FleetTrackr to their existing AIoT solution for seamless device management.

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