Sonicu Introduces Plug-and-Play Incubator Monitoring Device for Laboratories and Life Science Applications


Sonicu users leverage the SoniCloud mobile app to stay connected to their critical assets from any device at any time. Alerts help professionals stay connected to their sensitive environmental assets.

A pharmacist takes advantage of his software subscription to Sonicu to produce a temperature monitoring report for a regulatory audit.

Sonicu provides asset monitoring, compliance automation and operational efficiency to help medical institutions, research centers and pharmacies improve the way they do business.

Life science and biotech organizations across North America trust Sonicu for temperature and environmental monitoring, including our affordable plug-and-play incubator sensor

Life science and biotech organizations across North America trust Sonicu for temperature and environmental monitoring, including our affordable plug-and-play incubator sensor

New surveillance sensor adds to Sonicu’s growing portfolio of surveillance capabilities

The demand for affordable sensors is growing as more researchers embrace monitoring to protect their work and automate regulatory compliance reporting.

—Joe Mundell, CRO, Sonicu.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, Nov. 8, 2022 / — GREENFIELD, Ind. – Researchers and life science professionals looking for an affordable and intuitive environmental monitoring solution that includes CO2 for incubators can now turn to one of the most trusted names in temperature monitoring and the environment.

Sonicu introduces a new incubator monitoring device that seamlessly connects to the already robust monitoring system that includes temperature monitoring as well as humidity and air pressure differential.

“Our customers have long relied on Sonicu to connect to third-party sensors to capture CO2 data and leverage our SoniShield software for alerts and reporting,” said Jason Young, Chief Technology Officer, Sonicu.

“With this new incubator sensor, Sonicu customers will experience even lower costs and the same plug-and-play simplicity they expect from Sonicu in all of our monitoring applications without having to purchase a CO2 sensor. with a third party – to party.”

The sensor will include the ability to monitor:
CO2 with a range of 0 to 25% and an accuracy of 0.5 + 3% Measured value
Humidity with a range of 0 to 100% and an accuracy of +/- 3% RH
Temperature with a range of -10 to 80°C and an accuracy of +/- 0.4°C

The new incubator sensor is the first of many new monitoring devices Sonicu is expected to launch in the coming months.

Founded in 2008 and serving more than 550 customers across North America, Sonicu is a national leader in the temperature and environmental monitoring industry, helping nearly 20,000 regular users stay more closely connected to their critical assets and environments.

The Indiana-based company is developing a new line of monitoring sensors and probes based on customer requests for affordable and intuitive data collection devices in a diverse range of environments.

Laboratory and life science managers are looking for more monitoring options and different price points based on increasing regulatory scrutiny.

“The demand for affordable sensors that capture more conditions and integrate seamlessly into our software is growing rapidly as more life science and research professionals adopt cloud-based continuous monitoring to protect their work and automate often tedious regulatory compliance reporting,” said Joe Mundell, Chief Revenue Officer, Sonicu.

“We are committed to listening to our customers and developing new solutions that save them time and money while adopting best practices in temperature and environmental monitoring. »

The new incubator monitor will offer the same value as Sonicu’s entire monitoring technology platform, including:

Best-in-class hardware warranty: never buy a replacement device if you’re on a software subscription*
Unlimited Users: Connect everyone in your lab, department, or entire agency at no additional cost
US-based phone support: always available to help you stay connected
Expertise in mobile applications: simple configuration with installation wizard and control all your assets from your smartphone
Phone call alerts: Sonicu alarm is the call you’re happy to get at 2am

The incubator monitor is the latest in a range of innovative developments for Sonicu, including the release of the new SoniShield Duo communicating meter in 2021 and an improved ambient temperature and humidity sensor.

Sonicu also launched its Data Hub earlier this year, giving facility managers the ability to integrate Sonicu’s temperature and environmental monitoring data directly into a building automation (management) system. building.

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The Ohio University Innovation Center relies on Sonicu for temperature and environmental monitoring.


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