State-of-the-art device in Detroit subway detects mass shootings – What we know


It’s called Rosa and is designed to stop gun violence before it happens. And here’s the interesting part: the invention wasn’t dreamed up in Silicon Valley. It’s done right here in Detroit Metro.

“Robotic assist devices” in Ferndale has been developing the technology for years, using artificial intelligence and other advanced tools to help detect firearms.

Local 4 is talking about much more than metal detectors here.

So all over Metro Detroit, we have people building stuff with their hands, doing stuff with new technology, and that’s exactly what’s happening as they try to prevent more school shootings.

January 2018, one of those mass school shootings we have long forgotten in the haze of Oxford and Uvaldeleft two Kentucky school children dead.

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Secret Holt’s daughter, Baily Holt, died that day.

Secret Holt has long searched for concrete answers on how to stop school shooters, and she believes a company in Metro Detroit has that answer.

“I believe with this technology that Steve introduced (that she) can prevent so much tragedy and chaos for our children and our teachers every day.”

“Steve” is Steve Reinharz, whose Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions in Ferndale manufactures security systems for large employers.

It repurposed existing technology for school systems.

“If I walk around with a gun, people should know about it, and schools should close, and we should get away from the political talk of red and blue and guns and no guns,” Reinharz said. .

Here’s how it works:

Cell phone-based sensors with cameras are installed throughout the school and its parking lots. They search for what looks like a gun, small or large, and if they spot one, a detection siren sounds with warning signs blaring on its screen. Once this happens, all doors will start locking automatically.

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“I can say with confidence that 80% of those tragedies could potentially have been reduced or eliminated by spotting the shooter in the parking lot,” Reinharz said.

Reinharz wants schools to get the device immediately, so he’s offering 10 systems to schools that request them.

He says he starts with 10 with a strong focus on Metro Detroit schools.

He says school districts can apply online here.

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