Steam Deck owner uses the device to develop a game


Valve’s Steam Deck is more than just a handheld console, and one user proves it’s possible to use the device just to program a simple game.

Pretty much throughout its pre-launch marketing, Valve wanted to prove that the steam bridge is more than just a Switch-like game console. Of course, gaming is primarily what it’s most used for, but with the Steam Deck now supporting Windows, Valve continues to push the idea that it’s more like a laptop. In this regard, it offers all the versatility of a standard home computer, and one person has shown that it’s even possible to develop a game using just the system.


A recent tweet from Valve designer Lawrence Yang pointed out that YouTuber Tranasus used the Steam Deck to not only create a very simple game using the device, but added it to his Steam library. While what they actually created is very basic, being just a simple shape moving across an empty plain, the idea behind the experiment was to show that it is possible to just use the system to develop and download games. Tranasus believes that the Deck is therefore a viable alternative to a regular PC, especially since it is cheaper than a full system.

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This shows that the device can apparently do everything a personal computer can do. Tranasus says that with just a Bluetooth keyboard and the Deck, anyone interested in programming can potentially use it the same way someone would use a tower or laptop. The system is so diverse that some users have even modified their device, with one person successfully replacing the Steam Deck’s SSD with a larger one. While this is possible, Valve insisted that others not attempt this, as it may cause problems down the line.

Since its launch in February, the portable machine has proven to be very popular. So much so, in fact, that Valve ramped up production of the Steam Deck, something the company planned to do all along. Units are said to be doubling every week, and the company also started going through its pre-order queue in Q3.

Despite Valve’s past attempts to manufacture hardware, the steam bridge finally shows that the developer is capable of making an impact outside of the game software world. Sure, its Steam PC client will likely always be the biggest money maker, but having a mobile system that can play a gamer’s library on the go is something that users are currently enjoying.

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Source: GamesRadar, Twitter


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