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A man in police custody for his alleged involvement in three Melbourne drive-by shootings has been hit with new charges.

Ibrahim El-Sayah was reportedly caught on listening devices chatting explicitly with girls as young as 12.

El-Sayah, whose wife Yasemin Ercan is also charged with the shooting, scoffed at the description of the charges when applying for bail on Thursday.

He is accused of using a carrier service to transmit indecent communications and explicit material, and in an offensive manner

Police officer Simon Dunn-Vaughan said in December last year El-Sayah was recorded in his car talking to girls in Brisbane.

He said one of the girls told El-Sayah she was 13 before asking the other girl if he could cum in her mouth.

Mr Dunn-Vaughan said El-Sayah then asked how old the girl was and she told him she was 12.

The conversation was recorded on a listening device.

In another recorded conversation, El-Sayah allegedly told his cousin “don’t worry because they are all 15 years old”.

El-Sayah is behind bars, charged with three shootings in Melbourne in July 2020.

Mr Dunn-Vaughan said listening device recordings linked El-Sayah and his wife to the shooting.

It is alleged that they were in the car with the suspected shooter when eight shots were fired from an assault rifle at Akkar Bakery in Reservoir.

They are also accused of being present when shots were fired from a handgun at a car in Hadfield three days later.

It is claimed they believed the car belonged to an associate’s girlfriend, but police say the wrong house was targeted and the woman lived further down the street.

Shots were also fired at an unoccupied house in Lalor shortly afterwards, fired from the same assault weapon used during the first drive-by.

Mr Dunn-Vaughan said five shots were fired into the empty house, where another associate had previously lived.

The bullets hit the house next door, passing through a window and two bedrooms before being lodged in an interior wall.

The officer said he understood the shooting was linked to ongoing disputes between two Middle Eastern crime syndicates.

He said there had been retaliatory and retaliatory shootings and that those incidents would have been linked to a bigger feud.

The bail application in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court is continuing.

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