the Apple Watch is the best device for measuring sleep


Tests show that the way Apple Watch monitors sleep is accurate and scientific.

The apple watch is packed with features, and one of them allows monitor all sleep parameters. This task is carried out by a large number of devices of this type, including activity bracelets. But Apple’s smartwatch seems to go even further, as the following YouTube video shows.

Want to control your sleep? The Apple Watch is the best device

This chain has a marked scientific character, and managed to put the Apple Watch through its paces in a lot of pretty rigorous tests. The conclusions were not long in coming, the Apple Watch has a very high precision when it comes to telling us how our dream was. Those who rely on Apple’s smartwatch can thus draw conclusions from the time they spend in bed, and have absolute certainty of finding reliable and accurate measurements. For the results to be of maximum reliability, from Apple teaches us how to configure the sleep application so that it offers the best results.

This video leaves no room for doubt. Compared to other types of devices, the connected watch from Apple is the one that offers measurements that best correspond to reality. The video shows how the results compare to those usually obtained in sleep labs with specific machines. Most hospitals have sleep units, which are frequented by people with issues such as apnea. The differences aren’t that many when compared between the givers and the Apple Watch itself.

The new watch operating system, watchOS 9, which you can now download and install, improve sleep app again. Now it offers even more parameters, so we can go further and marvel at everything the clock can tell us. In any case, it should always be noted that the parameters offered by this device or any other always serve as a guide. In case of severe sleep disorders, the company itself recommends going to a specialized unit.

Apple presented its new Apple Watch models on September 7. The big star is the Apple Watch Ultra, aimed at athletes who need a device the most. We also had the opportunity to see how the Apple Watch Series 8 looks like, which does not have too many changes compared to the previous one, and the budget model, the Apple Watch SE


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