This portable device from Dedrone can detect and identify drones up to 3 miles away


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SAN FRANCISCO — On Tuesday, software company Dedrone launched its first portable drone detection unit, capable of detecting, identifying and locating nearly 300 types of drones.

DedroneRapidResponse is AI-powered technology in a mobile platform that can be attached to a 30-50 foot tower and towed on a trailer. DedroneRapidResponse aims to enhance public safety at large gatherings such as sporting events, parades and concerts, as well as at crime scenes and during heavy police activity, according to a press release.

DedroneRapidResponse uses cloud-enabled software to pinpoint the drone and its pilot’s location as soon as a drone is turned on, which can notify security teams when a drone is about to enter an area of ​​danger. air exclusion.

The tower can be set up in less than 30 minutes and can detect drones up to 5 km away. DedroneRapidResponse comes with two cameras so it can track multiple drones at once, according to the release.

“Unlike anything on the market today, DedroneRapidResponse provides a multi-layered mobile security solution that quickly responds to the airspace security needs of a city, agency or business. , ensuring the protection of people, property and information from drone threats,” Aaditya said. Devarakonda, CEO of Dedrone.

The St. Petersburg, Florida Police Department became the first police department in the nation to use DedroneRapidResponse when it deployed the device at an IndyCar race this year, according to the release.

“The Firestone Grand Prix is ​​an international event, equivalent to the Super Bowl or the World Series for the St. Petersburg community,” chef Anthony Holloway said in a statement. “Dedrone was the perfect partner to help us provide an ‘eye in the sky’ and protect against illegal drones in the no-fly zone.”

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