UPDATE: Device involved in Ganado phone threat registered outside of Garland

Authorities continue to investigate the incident

GANADO, Texas – The Ganado Police Department continues to investigate the incident as of Thursday morning.

Minutes after the incident, the district attorney’s office quickly issued a subpoena for information.

YK Communications, a local telephone company, and its general manager, Bill Rakowitz, quickly worked to track the call. The Ganado Police Department worked with AT&T to trace the call. They tracked the call to a device registered in Garland, Texas, and that device was used to call several churches in Ganado on Thursday morning.

Other law enforcement agencies remained in Ganado, Texas as a precaution around the Catholic Church and Ganado ISD schools.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office thanked all agencies involved and gave special thanks to Victoria County Sheriff Justin Marr for organizing a team for the deployment. Authorities continue to investigate the incident and will provide updates.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office provided the above information.

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