User Mods Steam Deck device to give it a Star Wars style start screen


It’s become apparent that the Steam Deck is versatile and even customizable, as this fan transforms the splash screen into that iconic movie intro.

Since its release earlier this year, the steam bridge stood out from other mobile gaming devices, and it is proving very popular right now. With Valve saying Q4 reservations will be sent out early, it’s clear the system is selling out pretty quickly, with the queue shrinking at a knot rate. What makes the Deck so sought after is not only that it allows users to play PC games on the go, it is also very versatile.


As spotted by PCGamesN, a Reddit user who goes by ProjectPlatt93 has customized his Steam Deck to make him more familiar with star wars Fans. In particular, they changed the splash screen so that it not only plays the franchise’s iconic opening score, but also displays the device’s logo in the star wars police as she soars into space. The user who created it says he combines his love of gaming with the legendary sci-fi series. There were even instructions left for others who decide they might want to try customizing their Deck’s startup sequence.

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star wars is one of the most recognizable brands in the film industry and has been a staple for millions of moviegoers for decades. Its impact on pop culture is so strong that it’s entirely possible that most recognize the movies just from the custom-made Steam Deck logo by ProjectPlatt93. The fact that they also implemented the opening musical intro only seals the deal. As a result, many members of the Reddit thread are impressed with this new splash screen, with some now looking to make their own, either star wars thematic or not.

Of course, gaming is what most people care about when it comes to Valve’s portable device. The Steam Deck features thousands of fully verified or playable games, and that number keeps growing. For those unaware, verified means titles should work just fine, while playable games will be compatible, but users might encounter a few bugs.

Overall, the steam bridge has so far proven to be a hit in the mobile game market. With Valve’s track record for poorly received hardware projects, the company needed to score a win on this front. While software is its raison d’etre, with the Steam platform being its most lucrative asset, the Deck shows that the developer is more than capable of getting into the hardware scene.

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Source: PCGamesN


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