Volt-Maxx Review – Energy Saving Device or Scam?


Volt-Maxx is a device that helps consumers save money on their energy bills by reducing the waste electricity consumed by their home appliances. Most users see a drastic change of up to 90% on their bill within 30 days.

What is Volt Maxx?

Everything is up lately. From housing to groceries, most people don’t even realize their electric bills have skyrocketed like never before. Before they know it, the next billing cycle and charges have gone up again. Sometimes the problem is not just about rising costs; household appliances and other connected devices can consume energy when they have not even been used. To help you, there is Volt-Maxx.

Volt-Maxx helps consumers lower their monthly utility bills by improving their energy consumption. It regulates the current, providing an effect of surge protection, ensuring less energy wasted when the Volt-Maxx device is plugged in. By leaving the Volt-Maxx plugged in near the appliances that use the most power, consumers quickly improve the impact televisions, freezers and refrigerators, air conditioners and other products have on their monthly electricity bills.

How does Volt Maxx work?

The whole point of Volt-Maxx is to save the user money on their energy bill with the specialized device. To reduce consumption, the device captures the energy and rectifies it. This process maximizes the user’s power, helping them to reduce the amount used.

The Volt-Maxx covers up to 500 square feet and works when the green LED light is on. The best way to take advantage of this energy efficient device is to install everything properly in the house. For people with larger homes, start by installing a Volt-Maxx unit next to the circuit breaker. All additional units should be placed as far back in the house as possible.

Once active, consumers can expect a reduction in energy consumption of no less than 60%, but it can offer up to 90% in many places. It stabilizes voltage while protecting against voltage surges and maintaining current balance. Even if the user places the Volt-Maxx near the circuit breaker, the energy used by the Volt-Maxx is extremely low, so users will not have to worry about increasing consumption with its use.

Purchase of Volt-Maxx

While other companies may claim that their power saving device provides the same performance as the Volt-Maxx, they don’t even come close to the same savings with the Volt-Maxx. This is why the creators only sell Volt-Maxx from their official site. The retail price for one Volt-Maxx is usually $39.98, but users can get five devices for the price of $149.95.

  • One Volt-Maxx $39.98 / $6.95 delivery charge
  • Buy one, get one half price $59.98 / free shipping
  • Buy two, get one free $79.98 / Free shipping

Fortunately, it’s just one of the best deals on the Volt-Maxx site. Four other packages are available, including the offers mentioned above. Other packages include:

  • Ten Volt-Maxx Devices for $279.90 / Free US Shipping / Lifetime Warranty
  • Fifteen Volt-Maxx devices for $389.85 / Free US shipping / Lifetime warranty
  • Twenty Volt-Maxx devices for $479.80 / Free shipping in the US / Lifetime warranty

All Volt-Maxx package offers come with free shipping in the United States, as well as a lifetime warranty at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volt-Maxx

Q. Why should someone use the Volt-Maxx?

A. Volt-Maxx allows users to reduce energy waste, helping them get a smaller bill every month.

Q. Is the Volt-Maxx safe?

A. Yes. The device is constructed with a flame-retardant and explosion-proof hard shell to protect users from potential hazards. It also includes internal leakage protection to ensure reliability.

Q. How long will users need to keep Volt-Maxx active to see changes in their electricity bill?

A. The experience may vary from person to person. Typically, it only takes about 30 days to reduce electricity usage, but the next bill showing usage is where the user can see the savings.

Q. How many Volt-Maxx devices should a person use in their home?

A. The creators recommend placing one Volt-Maxx for every 500 square feet of space.

Q. Where should the Volt-Maxx device be placed?

A. The best places to put Volt-Max are around appliances that use a lot of power, such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, etc.

Q. Is using Volt-Maxx complicated?

A. Not at all. Users can plug it into any outlet and let the device work its magic. It’s safe to use in homes, condos, apartments, restaurants, small stores, offices, and even factories, and the company guarantees the Volt-Maxx will work.

To reach customer service, email [email protected] or call 855-227-0908.


Volt-Maxx saves consumers money on one of their biggest monthly expenses. The device is easy to install, although consumers may have to wait around a month or two to see the savings reflected in their current electricity bill. Volt-Maxx works in condos, apartments, homes, and offices, covering up to 500 square feet of space with just one device.



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