Wave Neuroscience unveils new personalized device from Braincare


Braincare Company Wave Neuroscience has launched its new at-home general wellness device, Sonal, for personalized neuromodulation.

The device uses non-invasive technology to help reshape brain waves and effectively improve brain health for overall well-being.

By providing a personalized plan tailored to everyone’s needs, Sonal helps improve brain health and mental well-being.

Wave Neuroscience CEO Fred Walke said: “By introducing the first in-home device, we are able to remove a barrier that some face when deciding whether or not to seek care.”

To create a personalized Braincare plan, an individual’s brainwaves will be recorded for ten minutes and then reviewed by Wave’s Data Science Department using neurocomputational analysis.

The individualized plan will be uploaded to the Sonal mobile app once created.

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Sonal sessions last 30 minutes and users may experience increased focus, better sleep quality, and elevated mood.

Users may also notice a significant improvement in self-control by using the device for consecutive weeks.

It also improves heart rate variability (HRV), which is linked to stress resilience and improved deep sleep.

Wave Neuroscience President and Chief Medical Officer, Erik Won, said, “One of our core values ​​is the democratization of brain health, and the development of Sonal is a tremendous step in the right direction.

“Neuronal function can gradually deteriorate over time due to many factors and stressors, such as chronic stress, sleep disturbances, loss of a loved one, traumatic events, substance use, etc

“The Sonal has demonstrated promising data in randomized, double-blind clinical trials at elite academic institutions.”

Sonal is a wearable handheld device that can be used for personalized brain care anywhere.

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