Woman Finds Tracking Device Attached To Boyfriend’s Car, Decatur Police Report | public safety


DECATUR – The mysterious case of the Apple AirTag is being investigated by the Decatur Police Department.

sergeant. Brian Earles said officers were called to a home in Decatur on Saturday night by the girlfriend of a 34-year-old man who discovered a tracking device attached to his vehicle.

Earles said the device turned out to be an Apple AirTag, a disc-shaped GPS locator that measures just over an inch in diameter. “He had been strapped under the bumper of his car,” Earles said.

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He said the woman was alerted by her phone, which picked up the AirTag’s locator signal. “Once they connected to it, they could force it to make an audible ping noise and that’s how she found it,” Earles added.

He said the boyfriend denied putting it there himself and said he had no idea who might want to track his whereabouts.

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The case had been listed as a harassment incident in police reports, although Earles said the law on the matter was subject to interpretation. He said that to support a harassment charge, the victim must fear for their safety or be in emotional distress.

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