WorkJam Partners with VMware to Embrace BYO and COPE Device Initiatives


WorkJam announced its alliance with VMware, an enterprise software innovator. The alliance will bring together WorkJam, open team communication, task management, learning and management tools, and the VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

As industry leaders continue to embrace personal and corporate-owned device (COPE) initiatives, this combination will give companies the ability to deliver a more cohesive and engaging digital experience to employees, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Workspace ONE is an intelligent platform that enables IT to simply and securely deliver any application to any device with built-in access control, management, automation, and analytics, and remote assistance. Using WorkJam time and attendance data, Workspace ONE customers will be able to selectively restrict access to sensitive corporate content on devices, such as inventory management and online shopping apps. line, pick-up in store (BOPIS), when employees are not on time. .

Off the clock, workers will still be able to use their BYO or COPE device to access non-work features and personal data, as well as non-sensitive corporate content, like HR apps and management tools. shift planning.

With WorkJam and VMware Workspace ONE, frontline workforce employers will be able to:

  • Enable a consistent and compliant employee experience across the organization
  • Simplify and streamline communications and business processes across the organization
  • Advance workplace culture through in-flight incentivized learning and upskilling
  • Increase productivity and retention with a unified employee experience
  • Net a consistent customer experience across the organization

“Frontline workers need to access productivity tools through multiple touchpoints throughout the day, which can lead to serious safety and productivity risks if not thoughtfully managed. is why WorkJam and VMware have partnered,” said Rich Halbert, Chief Strategy Officer at WorkJam. “As businesses continue to navigate change in an era of technological advancements, it becomes increasingly important for companies to prioritize clarity, accessibility and security.”

“Empowered, digitally connected employees can make all the difference for retailers,” said Ed Durbin, director of VMware’s Global Retail Industry Group. “The BYO and COPE policies allow retailers to redefine the employee experience and maintain a competitive advantage. Together with WorkJam, we are powering the future of digital workspaces to help our customers better deploy BOYD and COPE with employee demand for privacy and the enhanced data security that IT needs. Armed with the tools to make their jobs easier and more productive, employees can transform the retail experience from within.

This feature is expected to be available to WorkJam and Workspace ONE customers in the first half of this year.


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