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TRUMBULL, Conn., April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As businesses return to normal operations with much more limited staff, they can also expect to see workplace injuries increase, requiring employees to seek treatment or specialty medical devices – which may be delayed or unavailable due to spikes in supply chain bottlenecks and regulatory challenges. ZetrOZ Systems, makers of the sustained acoustic medicine sam®, is ready to meet patient needs through careful planning and multi-site manufacturing in the USA.

Sam® by ZetrOZ is the only long-lasting home-use ultrasound device approved by the FDA to increase local circulation and heal pain, and is designed for easy daily use if needed. More than 30 peer-reviewed studies have found it to be an innovative and effective treatment for promoting injury healing, relieving pain, restoring function and getting patients back to work, sports and work. other daily activities. Its low-intensity continuous ultrasound therapy treats soft tissue injury by inhibiting inflammation and increasing the rate of tissue regeneration, angiogenesis and nutrient exchange.

Dr. George Lewis, president of ZetrOZ Systems, said one of the keys to his company meeting the growing demand was to assess manufacturing processes to look for potential problems in assembly, sub-assembly or process components.

“Sometimes simple things like glues or screws can be very specific to a manufacturing process, and in some cases, not having the right adhesive to bond two pieces together can set you back months at a time,” said Lewis said. “Sometimes a piece of precision manufacturing equipment, like a laser welder, is the culprit.”

In March, the Logistics Managers’ Index indicated that supply chain pressures have reached record levels, with rising costs and minimal warehousing capacity. These pressures drive ZetrOZ to assess potential single-source and single-step failure points weekly, Lewis said.

ZetrOZ’s custom manufacturing formulations, processes and parts also require the company to source manufacturing one to two years in advance. Because sam® medical products are made in the USA, production is not dependent on shipping backlogs or ports of entry for finished products, making it more sustainable, Lewis said.

This allows ZetrOZ to pre-stock inventory for production, which can be difficult for smaller medical device manufacturers who may not be able to fund the costs associated with these actions until their products are sold. .

The importance of ZetrOZ preparations is underscored by U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports, which found nearly 60% of small businesses reported disruptions and changes in 2021 due to supply chain and other issues.

Medical devices are particularly vulnerable, Lewis said, because getting alternatives to market quickly is nearly impossible. Developing medical devices typically takes years and tens to hundreds of millions of research and development dollars. Then, the Food & Drug Administration’s strict and thorough review and approval process for Class II and Class III medical devices can take several months or years, and device makers still need to develop manufacturing processes. .

To visit samrecover.com to learn more about the sam® ultrasound system. Learn more about ZetrOZ systems a www.zetroz.com.

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